The first group call is FREE.  You can ask me any questions you like about the 21 Days of Money Magic and Miracles.


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This group call series, also on zoom, will focus on specific issues related to money.


Saturday  May 13th, 2017

3pm-4:30pm est

This group hangout will aim to clear subconscious beliefs around deserving money and being an empowered being.

I will be showing you how to reprogram your own subconscious beliefs so that you can have this powerful tool for the rest of your life to create the life you like.

Reprogramming your subconscious beliefs can work on the level of DNA according to the field of epigenetics. What a gift to gift yourself!

This powerful session is yours for only $55.






Saturday  May 20th, 2017 

3pm-4:30pm est

In this zoom hangout, we will go into the space of your Akashic Records to clear any vows of poverty and heal other experiences of scarcity so you can create from a powerful space of being in alignment with abundance. You will learn how to access your own Akashic records, a vibrational library of who you are in all life times including your future lives.  So this is not all about past lives. We can also access who you are in a future life and bring that wonderful energy into now to create from being pull forward by your own future.

This life-changing call is yours for only $55.






Saturday 27th,  2017

3pm-4:30pm est

This Zoom Hangout will be about bringing in a combination of powerful energy activations to empower you to create from the space of you as an Infinite Being fully capable of access resources from all parts of the Universe.  Jade’s skills as a multidimensional healer will help you to claim your own multidimensional beingness so that you too can facilitate yourself and others to experience powerful shifts.

This call will create many shifts in your life and it’s yours for only $55.



Buy all three group calls now and save $25 and pay only $140


This is over 270 minutes of work with Jade and many life-changing energy processes, activations and valuable teachings.