Your Own Knowing is More Important

Your body is always talking to you and your own knowing is more important than what any intuitive healer will tell you because no one can know you and your own story like you do.  You lived your story and now you’re ready to do something about it.

As a medical intuitive, I have had the experience of living through my own struggles with depression (multiple times) and overcoming an auto-immune disorder that forced me to “get real.”  Both depression and auto-immune disorders have many emotional patterns in common.  From my own experience, I can tell you that I lived a very limited life from buying into many limiting beliefs about myself.  I was playing with perceptual distortions about who I am in this reality and how powerless I was.

Getting Real with Myself

There is nothing like an auto-immune condition that wakes one up to the finiteness of life, the frailty of life and the deafening communication from one’s own body that is just begging on it’s knees to be heard, to be understood and respected.

The saving grace in all this suffering is that both the body and the Universe are kind and they just like for us to listen to our own hearts and be real with what we truly like out of this life, not what is expected of us from the rest of the world.

The way through depression was listening to my own heart.  The way through an auto-immune disorder was to listen to my own heart and earn it’s trust again.  That’s right, I had to earn the trust of my own heart because I have betrayed my own knowing, my own desires, and my own dreams many, many times in this life.

Getting real with myself meant, allowing myself and my own body to have time for enjoyment, time for relaxation, time for dreaming and time for just me.  It meant no longer being a savior, no longer being a co-dependent in most of my relationships, no longer putting everyone else first, and no longer settling for a life that was not exuberant and out of this world phenomenal.

Getting real with myself meant finally allowing me to shine and be wildly alive in this very body, at this very moment in time.  No more living for a future where everything is perfect.  Can you believe it?  Talk about perceptual distortions, I thought one day everything will come together and be perfect and then I can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine in front of a cozy fireplace with the most romantic lover in the world.

What is the perfection we seek in life?

I am not a philosopher so I can not tell you about perfection.  What I can tell you is it’s what I had to give up in order to give myself permission to just live and love what is.

Loving What Is

Again, I am not a philosopher so loving what is helps me to embrace the moment and know that what is – is perfect.  And this also means who we are just as we are is perfect.  These are not philosophies I come to embrace but an imperfect daily practice that allows me to be spacious within my own heart.  This spaciousness within allows me to be curious, compassionate and far more intuitive than I can explain in words.

Be Wildly Alive and Shine

What you are going through right now with health issues, relationship issues, financial challenges and life purpose seeking activities is all asking you how you can be wildly alive and shine just as you are, where you are and with all that you are.

When I work with you, I honor your story, your life struggles and your own intuitive knowing.  Everything within you and everything about you just wants you to be wildly alive and shine.

Thank you for being you and for sharing a part of your journey with me. I look forward to connecting with you and co-creating health, joy and magic with you.


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