medical intuitive

Jade is an Intuitive Healer, a Light & Laughter Alchemist, with over 18 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing.  She has facilitated over 8,000 people to overcome health challenges, breakthrough limiting paradigms and regain a sense of self-worth.

Jade is known for her ability to tune into subconscious and inter-generational issues.  She facilitates her clients to transform chronic health, financial and relationship issues by shifting energetic patterns in the body from the cellular level to the etheric and from the personal to the archetypal.

While Jade has always had an interest in exploring human potential, it was through her own struggles with an autoimmune disorder and depression that she learned to access her own magic with energy alchemy and reprogram her subconscious beliefs to heal herself.  These personal struggles helped Jade to realize that we are here to be wildly alive and shine our light.

Around 2013-14, Jade went through an intense period where she received spontaneous activations almost daily.  Her Spirit Guides showed her how to re-imprint high vibrational states such as love, compassion and joy in timelines beginning with the first 40 weeks in-utero so that imprints from lower vibrational states of survival can be transformed and transcended. This deeply healing work Jade now shares with everyone along with facilitating powerful activations that awaken the healing abilities in others.

Always working on the cutting-edge, Jade innovates products and services that invite you to embody wholeness, experience more joy and unlock your full potential. She invites you to step out of limiting paradigms and shine your light so that we can all contribute to raising the consciousness of humanity.


Multidimensional Healer
Jade in her hula dancing custom and Elton John glasses when not working with clients.


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