medical intuition

Is there a stubborn chronic issue in your life that’s keeping you from being wildly alive and shine? Are you prone to getting in your own way (like me???)

This series of 3 zoom hangouts will help you break out of the box and thrive in the world as the Genie that you are.

Have you been doing self-sabotage? Self-denial? How about neglecting your own needs, your dreams and the whispers from your own heart?

What will it take for you to take your own desires seriously?

When did you start dismissing your own dreams as too big or unreal?

How is your body talking to you right now?

What conversations with your body will unlock the pain and allow you to embrace who you are?

As someone who had depression more than once and an auto-immune disorder, I can share with you all the “boxes,” I put myself in and how I follow my guts and start listening to the whispers of my heart. Whispers about going beyond the b.s and just live wildly alive and shine.

I invite you to let go of all that no longer supports you and just love who you are so that you can live wildly alive and shine your light in the world.

Your wisdom is needed in this world. Your strength inspires many. Your journey is here to support you and so many others.

Let’s be the Genie outside of the Lamp and really do our magic in this world!

Cost: $22
(if you prefer to donate a different amount, email me and we will work it out. I am fine
with donations in the amount that works for you.)

To register: Send email to