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How would you like to receive energy healing in your inbox everyday for 21 days?

Yes, I like to support you and give you my best everyday for 21 Days so that you can experience transformations by just clicking in your inbox each day.



medical intuitive


I know you’re a busy person and your time is important. And like so many people, you like to feel better and achieve more in less time.

I also know that you are a seeker, always hungry for change, for exploration and empowerment.  This 21 Days of Transformation is perfect for you.  I created this program to support you to receive healing transformations, attunements and activations without having to do anywhere or do anything other than open your in-box and click on an audio file.


April 10-30

Of course you can listen to it as often as you like and once the 21 Days is over, you have an audio library of healing processes, attunements and activations that you can listen to over and over again.

The audio files will be about 8-9 minutes long and here is brief listing of what I will be sending to you each day beginning April 10th and ending on April 30th.

Day 1: April 10

Entity clearing and downloading the highest expression of you.

Day 2: April 11

Harmonize left and right hemispheres of the brain to give you greater clarity, peace, focus and creativity.

Day 3: April 12

Balance the Wood element in your energy and activate the Pioneer archetype within you.

Day 4: April 13

Balance the Fire element in your energy and activate the Wizard archetype within you.

Day 5: April 14

Balance the Earth element in your energy and activate the Peacemaker archetype within you.

Day 6: April 15

Balance the Metal element in your energy and activate the Alchemist archetype within you.

Day 7: April 16

Balance the Water element in your energy and activate the Philosopher archetype within you.

Day 8: April 17

Energize and boost your immune system and lymphatic system. Align with your Infinite Self.

Day 9: April 18

Energize and boost your endocrine system (all about hormones). Attune/align your energy to JOY.

Day 10: April 19

Energize and boost your nervous system.  Attune to your Higher Mind and increase creativity.

Day 11: April 20

Energy healing for the digestive system, metabolism and elimination (detox).

Day 12: April 21

Energetic support for whole body anti-inflammatory frequencies and stimulation of the vagus nerve for overall well-being.

Day 13: April 22

Release imprints of trauma from your timeline

Day 14: April 23

Release of imprints of trauma from your connective tissue (fascia), DNA and chakras.

Day 15: April 24

Reprogram your subconscious mind to love yourself unconditionally, forgive yourself and accept yourself just as you are.

Day 16: April 25

Reprogram your subconscious mind to accept abundance, prosperity and financial surplus.  Align your morphogenetic field  to the field of abundance and flow.

Day 17: April 26

Align your morphogenetic field to Divine Intelligence and Genius.

Day 18: April 27

Connecting to your Infinite Self and Inner Child for information about your life purpose.

Day 19: April 28

Align with your greatest vision for your life.

Day 20: April 29

Align with and activate a new money set-point.

Day 21: April 30

How to get out of your own way.


Are you excited for this 21 Days of Transformation to begin?

What will your life look like after these 21 Days of Transformation?


Bonus Gifts:

  1. A video to show you how to do three exercises from Energy Medicine that you can do each day to keep your body and mind in harmony and stay grounded.
  2. An information audio that will teach you three ways to reprogram your subconscious beliefs.


Value of this program: $550

Price: $222

Here’s how you can join the program:

Click the buy button belong and I will be sending the daily mp3s to the email you use to purchase this program.




Thank you for joining me for this amazing life changing 21 Days of Transformation program!