Are you seeking ways to create a better life?


It’s no co-incidence that you’re here.  You’re a seeker and you know something better is out there for you.


  • What if you can reprogram your subconscious mind for success?
  • What if you can eliminate all the survival programming that have been with you since you were in-utero?
  • What if you can activate your best vision for your life?


As an intuitive healer who works from a multi-dimensional space, I can help you eliminate subconscious blocks to success, health and joy.  And I have been able to help many people like you to release the survival programs of lack and poverty consciousness from your timelines and even from your tissues.  I believe if you put your energy into what makes your heart sing, you will be able to make choices that will lead to you success so take some time now to play with the best vision you have for your life and then we will activate that for you.



Medical Intuition and Multi-dimensional Healing


All medical intuitive and multi-dimensional healing sessions with me will help you to access your body’s own wisdom and align you with your full potential as a multi-dimensional human being.  There will be a combination of energetic transformations as well as activations and attunements to align you with high vibration states like joy, awe, love and grace.  As you embodied higher and higher vibrational states of being, lower vibration issues will be released with ease as they can not exist in higher vibration states.  You will be feeling uplifted and transformed.  Mostly importantly, you will be listened to and respected as a co-creator of your own healing journey.


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Medical and Therapeutic Treatment Disclaimer

Jade Yin Hom is not a medical doctor nor does she diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and treatments referred to by Jade Yin Hom, and the Site such as energy healing, raising vibration, DNA activations, subconscious reprogramming, imprinting, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, treatments, services or products provided on the Site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor.